Birth Defects

birth_defects_drugsExpectant parents rarely ever consider the uncomfortable possibility of birth defects. It can be a heart wrenching experience for any parent to be faced with how to make decisions for a new born with health problems. In realty the statistics are that four out of every one hundred babies born annually are born with some type of birth defect. Of course, some are more serious than others. Concerned parents and family members want to know the cause of the birth defects and the risk of the same problem with future unborn children.

This need for resolution can lead to genetic counseling as well as research into environmental factors. There are many environmental factors that are know to cause birth defects including personal habits such as smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol. It is also true that some medications and other environmental factors can cause birth defects without the parents knowing about the risks involved.

There are medical legal professionals that can help you determine the risks associated with birth defects as it related to any medications that may have been prescribed during pregnancy. Legal accountability is critical in such cases wrongly prescribed medications created the birth defects as often time the treatments required to manage the birth defects are costly.

Additionally, uncovering factual information about medications linked to birth defects helps to ensure that those problems are alleviated for other families in the future. It is important for parents facing this challenged to work will all possible resources available to navigate the difficult, life changing situation. Legal professionals can help insure the family’s rights to the best professional in order to deal with the circumstance both emotionally and physically. This is true for each individual as well as the family as a whole.

It is wise for parents who are facing this unexpected and new challenge to connect with those who have been through similar experiences. These connections with families who have a traveled further down the road of dealing with birth defects provide a valuable layer of support and perspective.

Learning to love and accept the new addition to the family may not be easy, but it will be a blessing to parents in the long run. Working with a legal professional can help ensure access to all avenues of legal compensation possible. Parents who are enduring this stress will often go through all the stages of grief as if the baby did not survive. This may include periods of intense sadness, regret, guilt, anger, frustration, depression and denial. Associating with other families who have been through the emotions related to having a baby with a birth defect, will go a long away towards helping parents move through the emotions toward healing and hope.

If you or a loved one have had to deal with a child born with a birth defect, get all the support you can, including legal counsel. Medical legal rights are there to protect other families and to help make restitution as far as possible for any suffering that could have been prevented.

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