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Have you been injured by a defective drug or medical device?

Many prescription medications are useful for treating the symptoms and root causes of various injuries and illnesses. Unfortunately, many such medications also have dangerous side effects that can cause life-altering complications. If you have experienced illness or injury from prescription drugs and wish to file you should contact our lawyers to determine your legal rights. It may be time for a drug malpractice lawsuit.  Similarly, if you have received a faulty medical device that has harmed you or failed prematurely, our lawyers can help.

Our lawyers are committed to pursuing the rights of those who have needlessly been harmed by pharmaceutical and device manufacturers that put profit over patient safety. And our success proves it. Our lawyers have recovered hundreds of millions of dollars on behalf of our clients who have been injured by dangerous pharmaceutical drugs and medical devices. We regularly investigate unsafe drugs and devices and stand ready to file a personal or class action lawsuit on behalf of our injured clients. In the unfortunate event that a dangerous drug or device has taken the life of someone close to you, we will fight aggressively to ensure that your family receives proper redress.

If you or one of your family members experienced illness, injury, or death after taking a prescription drug or using a faulty medical device, you need to stand up for your rights. Contact our lawyers. We will fight to earn your trust and treat your grievance with the respect that it deserves.

Choosing The Right Law Firm

Medical practice is constantly improving with the advancement of technology, easier accessibility to information, and higher levels of education. There are many new and/or improved medications, treatments, and equipment that helps improve the health of individuals today. However, there are times that medical professionals are making errors due to error or neglect that may cause more serious health issues. When a patient experiences any type of medical malpractice, it is important to receive compensation for such damaging treatment. This is done by working with a medical malpractice attorney and bringing justice to mistakes in the medical field.

Considering a drug malpractice lawsuit?

The job of a medical malpractice attorney is to protect your rights and to prevent the medical professionals from causing future harm. Our firm specializes in drug malpractice lawsuit cases just like yours.  Some types of medical malpractice happen rarely. However, there are other errors and mistakes that may take place frequently. Some of the more common forms of malpractice is due to mistakes with diagnosis, anesthesia, and surgery. The greatest occurrence of medical negligence comes from an error in the diagnosis. When a condition is diagnosed incorrectly, the options, treatments, and medication offered by the doctor can do more harm than good to the patient’s actual medical problem. If the doctor is delayed in providing a diagnosis to the patient, this also can prove to become harmful to their health if it is a fast spreading disease or a condition that could be less costly with fewer procedures when treated early.
drug malpractice lawsuit
Also, in some cases this kind of malpractice can lead to death. In any of these cases, it is the attorney’s responsibility to prove that the medical professionals did not perform all the needed steps for diagnosis. This can be proven by requesting a consultation from an experienced doctor who will look over the patient and provide a diagnosis. If the diagnosis is correct, then a claim can be filed against the first medical professional. Miscalculations with the amount and type of anesthesia are also a repeated mistake in the medical field.

An overdose or an adverse reaction due to medical history can become severe enough to lead to death. If administered a low dose, harm can come to the patient if the body begins to react to the pain during the procedure as the anesthetics wears off. It is important to express these concerns to the medical malpractice attorney to make sure to receive the proper compensation for either of these types of errors. Other cases for medical malpractice occur with surgeries. Although there already exists a level of risk during any surgical operation, doctors and nurses should be held accountable for mistakes in their work. There should be proper care given to the patient before and after treatment, surgeons should be sure about which part of the body they are working on, all surgical instruments should be accounted for before completing the surgery, and the medical staff should take delicate care to all organs that they come in contact with.

As a patient, no surgical waivers should be signed until the doctor goes through all the details of the upcoming surgery. The patient and family are suffering enough from improper treatment. Trying to deal with the procedures of court can add even more strain. Therefore, it is best for them to contact a medical malpractice attorney as soon as possible to take care of everything. The attorney should be experienced, skilled, and willing to assist the client throughout the legal proceedings.

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